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7 Hair and Makeup Tips for Brides

Should I schedule a trial or practice run for my hair and makeup?

Yes! One of the best ways to make sure that your hair and makeup are the image of perfection on the big day is to plan a practice or trial run before your actual wedding hair and makeup appointment. A practice run gives you and our bridal stylists the opportunity to work out all the details and fine tune your hair design and makeup so that it is exactly what you want–no last-minute jitters wondering how you are going to look walking down the aisle. When your wedding day arrives, you can sit back and relax, knowing precisely what your finished look will be.

Some brides like to schedule their bridal portraits and photo shoots on the same day as their trial run appointments for hair and makeup. You’ll get extra mileage from your gorgeous hair style, and if planned in advance, your portraits can be displayed at the ceremony as part of the decor.

What should my bridesmaids and I wear to our hair and makeup appointments?

Button up or zip up shirts without huge collars are the perfect choice. Hoodies, t-shirts, turtle necks, and other pull-over type shirts can simply wreck your hair when you try to take them off after you’ve been styled. Opt for a button-up or zip-up instead for quick changes and keeping every hair in place.

Should I wash my hair before my appointment on my wedding day?

This depends upon your hair type and the type of bridal hair style that we will be creating for you. In most cases, updos, chignons, and other elaborate styles work well with hair that has been washed the night before. Your hair will conform more easily to the style if it is not super squeaky clean. However, if your hair is very oily or if you are interested in a longer type hair style instead of an updo, your stylist may recommend shampooing your hair on the day of your wedding. After we analyze your hair type and discuss your style at your consultation, we can give you specific instructions for exactly how to care for your hair before your appointment.

My hair is super frizzy. How can I keep it from becoming a messy nightmare on my wedding day?

A keratin treatment is your answer. Keratin smoothing treatments have the remarkable ability to smooth away all of the frizz, fly-aways, and unruliness in hair that just doesn’t want to behave. In most cases, one treatment will remove up to 95% of unwanted curl and frizz, and your hair will stay soft and smooth for weeks. This means that your hair not only looks sleek and amazing on your wedding day – it will also look fabulous on your honeymoon with almost no effort. No worries about having to spend hours with smoothing products and a flat iron trying to tame and straighten your locks.

What type of look should I choose for my makeup?

Our bridal makeup experts generally recommend staying true to who you are when it comes to makeup artistry for your wedding day. If you normally wear very little or no makeup at all, then a natural look with a softer color palette may be a good option. If your style is a little more dramatic, then we can draw attention to your lips or eyes with a little more color. Our makeup artists here at Salon Biyoshi create professional results that will last for hours. We’re experts at camouflaging blemishes, bringing out your best features, and choosing colors that will complement your skin tone.

Scheduling a trial makeup appointment is highly recommended because you can see how your makeup will look in various types of lighting, both indoor and outdoor, in sunlight and under the flash of the camera. Then, if any adjustments need to be made, we can tweak your look in advance of the big day.

What is the best color and type of polish to use for painting my nails?

CND Shellac is the favorite of brides who want a beautiful bridal manicure and pedicure that will not chip, smudge or peel. You will fall in love with this amazing polish because it dries almost instantly with incredible shine and a durable no-chip finish that will last for up to 14 days. This means your nails will not only look fabulous for the wedding, they’ll still look great as you celebrate on your honeymoon.

Shellac is available in a huge variety of colors, so you can choose the perfect coordinate for your style. For brides, a French manicure or a soft shade is generally recommended as soft, light colors will not attract attention away from your face and hair.

When should I schedule my bridal manicure and pedicure appointment?

Call the salon in advance to book your bridal manicure and pedicure one or two days before your event. If you opt for a Shellac manicure and pedicure, your nails will look amazing for approximately 2 weeks without chipping.

Your wedding is a beautiful event and we want it to be a forever memory for you and your loved ones, let Salon Biyoshi get the small details just right! Call us today for a free consultation at 865-690-4111!