Learn More About Our Hair Color & Techniques

Ombre Color
This year’s ombre color is much softer and more subdued than the looks seen on the runways last year. The upper portion of the hair remains a darker color while the tips and lower sections are colored with a lighter shade that softens as it progresses upward, gently blending into the darker region. This creates a beautiful tonal effect that is very natural looking and can be worn no matter what the season. Since the majority of women have brown hair, this is a splendid color service that can add dimension, interest, and beauty to brown and brunette hair color. Mousy hues and drab shades can be completely transformed for a more dynamic style with the addition of a rich color gradation. This is also an excellent option for women who want to cover gray. The process covers gray extremely well while the highlights add extra depth.


You can still opt for subdued, diffused, and natural looking bronze & blonde  or if you prefer to walk on the wild side, any color including violet, reds, pinks, and blues can be used on the tips and lower sections of your hair and blended upward to create absolutely stunning hair color effects. No matter what you choose, the result is gorgeous, eye-catching hair that will give you the glamorous look of a fashionista.

Reverse ombre color is another popular trend this year. As the name suggests, there is a reversal in color placement. The roots and upper portion of your hair are colored blonde or a lighter color while a darker color at the bottom blends upward into the lighter shade.

Balayage is a gorgeous highlighting technique that is extremely sought after this year. This beautiful, trendy technique has been spotted on international fashion runways as well as in top couture magazines. Balayage highlights are very natural looking and are created using an advanced technique in which the color is “swept” artistically onto your hair. This is a perfect option for creating hair which appears to have been kissed by the sun with very natural looking highlights.

Like ombre color, balayage is an advanced hair color technique that requires the skill of an experienced stylist in order to achieve a natural looking effect. Our stylists are highly trained in this technique and use only top of the line Redken hair color formulas to provide exceptional results. Redken color allows you to receive an amazing range of hues while leaving your hair in great condition after the service.


Ammonia Free Hair Color
At Salon Biyoshi, we offer Chromatics hair color by Redken, a revolutionary color formula which has completely transformed the color world. Say goodbye to typical salon hair color odor. Chromatics is a zero ammonia formula that involves no odor and no discomfort. Gray hair can be covered flawlessly while leaving your hair shiny, conditioned, and fortified. The color is radiant and multi-dimensional—never dull or flat. With Chromatics, you will enjoy unlimited color possibilities. An incredible range of shades can be achieved including brilliant brunettes, vibrant reds and beautiful blondes. We can custom blend a Chromatics color which is perfect for your individual style.

No ammonia . . . no odor . . . just stunning, high shine color.

Protect Your Color
After receiving a new color from one of a Salon Biyoshi hair color specialists, you will want to ensure it remains vibrant and beautiful in the weeks following your appointment. We recommend you use shampoos, conditioners, and styling products which will protect and enhance your color.